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Tradition of Excellence 

Scotsfare Heritage Meat Pies are a time-honored tradition.  For more than 30 years our recipes and pies have been served at dinner tables and Festivals around the United States.

All of our pies are prepared from scratch in our commercial kitchen, with only the freshest of ingredients including Scottish Highland Beef from Oz Highland Farm.

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Customer Reviews


"These are the most amazing meat pies.  They taste like the ones I ate in Scotland."

~ Rob G.


"The meat fillings are so tender and flavorful. I have eaten almost every flavor they have."

~ Angela R.


"Love their food! Their crusts are so amazing and flakey. I look forward to getting them every year."

~ Dana M.
If we've heard it once we've heard it a thousand times,
"The pastry is so flakey and delicious!"

We build over 200 pounds of puff pastry - from scratch - every week to create our wonderful top crust as well as sausage rolls.